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1 Step Box Jump with Weight Vest

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

The 1 step box jump is very sports specific as many sporting movements are performed using the 1 step jump. As such this is an excellent jumping exercise to include when training for just about any sport. Also as the landing forces are reduced by virtue of the elevated landing height you can generally perform a higher number of reps. The weight vest adds a small amount of weight but unlike a medicine ball you can still use your arms which makes this version more useful froma movement efficiency point of view.

Technique Tips

The 1 step box jump is performed by simply taking a single step and jumping up onto a box. When the box height is no longer challenging jump onto a higher box. Don't get too crazy with the height of the box though, if you don't make the jump it can get nasty.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to 1 Step Box Jumps with a Weight Vest are

1 Step Box Jump with a Medicine Ball

1 Step Box Jump

High Box Jumps

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