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Three Great Vertical Jump Trainers

Written by Jack Woodrup for

What do Jacob Hiller, Adam Linkenauger, and Kelly Baggett have in common? Aside from being 3 of the most well known vertical jump training specialists in the industry, they are also 3 people who at one time or another I have directed a certain level of criticism towards.

how to jump higher and increase your vertical jump

So in this article I just wanted to clarify a few things, because despite my criticism, they are 3 people I actually have an enormous amount of respect for. Also, I wanted to let you know that even though has its own official program in the Vertical Mastery jump training software, this certainly doesn't mean that I don't believe that other programs aren't any good.

So in alphabetical order, here is a closer look at Jacob, Adam and Kelly, and what they have contributed to the jump training industry.


I am happy to start with Kelly because when I just started out writing for he was the only guy who actually had a program based on sound training principles and not marketed like some sort of magical wonder program that would have young athletes dunking in weeks.

If you compare it to some of the other well known programs available at that time there was really only the horrendous Air Alert, the scam that is the Vertical Project, and then of course Kelly's excellent Vertical Jump Bible. VJB, clearly stands out as being in an entirely different league to the other two I just mentioned.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with VJB, it is still one of the absolute best vertical jump training resources available. It covers all aspects of vertical jump training and there are enough programs in VJB to suit athletes of all standards. However, VJB is not the only excellent work Kelly has produced. His No Bull Guide To Speed Development is also a fantastic read and if getting fast is your goal then this is definitely worth looking into as well.

As a side note, and this speaks volumes about the kind of person Kelly is, I only have a copy of No Bull speed Development because my computer crashed and I lost my original copy of VJB. So I bought a new copy and when I tried to re-register it I got an error message because my email address had already been used. I emailed Kelly and explained the situation and not only did he unlock my copy of VJB, but he also sent me a copy of No Bull Speed Development as a thank you.

To find out more you can visit The Vertical Jump Bible by clicking on the image:

Vertical Jump Bible

The Good Stuff I Love: VJB the original and still one of the best vertical jump resources available anywhere. Super smart guy when it comes to training.

The Stuff I Criticized: Marketing involved in Flying in Four (technically not Kelly's doing by the way)

NOTE: Rumour has it that a VJB 2.0 is on the way some time soon.


Jacob is definitely a guy I have come to like enormously because in all the dealings I have had with him, plus from what I have witnessed on a variety of jump training forums, he ALWAYS conducts himself with class.

Jacob is the creator of the very successful Jump Manual. The Jump Manual, to use Jacob's words, takes a multi-faceted approach to vertical jump training. This method of training is based on the idea that for the majority of people who are starting out, they pretty much need to work on everything.

One of the things I particularly like about Jacob is how accessible he is. He is often in strange countries around the world where internet connections aren't always the best and yet still manages to find the time to do the coaching calls with Jump Manual users. This is important for an athlete, especially as they get further along in your development.

The Jump Manual has thousands of happy customers worldwide and its approach of combining strength and jumping work is one method that obviously works well. Also, Jacob recently released a couple of dunk videos of himself. Check it out. He has some crazy hops for a bigger guy.

The Good Stuff I Love: Very classy individual, accessible to his customers, like, provides lots of good free information as well as his paid program.

The Stuff I Criticized: previously marketed Jump Manual with the guarantee of 10 inches in 12 weeks, involvement with Squat Flex promotions

TO find out more you can visit Jacob's Program at The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual


I am a big fan of Adam's Vert Freak program, especially if you are interested in dunking. The reason for this is that Adam has a very unique perspective on training to perform a highly technique based running jump because he was a former college champion high jumper.

There are a lot of similarities between high jump and dunking. For one, your jumping technique will play a big role in how successful you are at your jump. Dunking a basketball is not the same as doing a standing vertical jump.

Most people can do a reasonable standing vertical jump movement without much practice. Sure a few pointers here and there can add a little bit, but for the most part, a standing vertical isn't held back that much by lack of proper jumping technique.

Compare this to a running dunk attempt and there is a lot more to get right. You need get your run up and take off plant right, you need to develop high levels of reactive strength, and you need to time all this so that you don't waste valuable jumping inches away from your goal.

This process is basically identical to how you go about performing a high jump and is in fact quite technical. Mastering it requires a lot more practice and is perhaps why Adam himself is such a renowned dunker having won the 2009 Powerade Dunk Contest - see the video for yourself

To find out more about Adam and the Vert Freak program click on the link: VertFreak 101

The Good Stuff I Love: An awesome athlete sharing his passion and knowledge. Very good program especially for dunkers. Down to earth guy.

The Stuff I Criticized: Some of the marketing for Vert Freak has been what I would consider excessively hyped, involvement with Squat Flex promotions.


So there you go. I hope now that readers of this site have a better appreciation of where I am coming from when I have had criticisms of these guys. It certainly isn't that I dislike them or that I think their programs are no good. In all 3 cases the opposite is true. I do indeed like all of those guys and I don't doubt if you bought their respective programs and followed them you would do well.

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