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a few questions

if you do too much strength training without any jumping practice can you stop strength training and do jumping for a month to make up for the fact that you didn't jump train??

And does your program take into account that people have sports training a lot as well like basketball etc. or is it just for people who want to dunk?

Does your program improve quickness explosiveness etc? Response: You can take a month off to try and make up for it but if your goal is to increase your vertical you really should be doing some form of jump ALL the time.

The better approach is to have a program that develops both strength and explosiveness with greater emphasis placed on those areas that you need to work on - which as mentioned in the article, is exactly what Vertical Mastery does.

On that topic, yes, Vertical Mastery has the ability to select when you are in-season or have a high training load outside of your vertical jump training and it will modify both your total your workload and the nature of the training being done accordingly.

Finally, most vertical jump training ha a great carry over to short burst speed and power such as that used for first step quickness. Vertical Mastery certainly does.

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