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A Users Lifeline Power Jumper Review

by Jordan S
(United States)

I bought the Power Jumper about two months ago by the influence of this
website. I have to say, they were right!!!! The power jumper is an amazing
piece of equipment! As the writers of this website said, you can do nearly
every exercise for your vertical jump with this.

I do not have access to a gym so I am very limited on weights. The Power jumper adds a good amount of resistance to my squats and deadlifts so I can use fewer weight plates. Also, where I live, there is very harsh winters.

I just figured out that you can run in place with the Power Jumper indoors. I did a sprint workout this morning and it was just as good as real sprinting. I just wanted to write a quick review saying that I highly recommend this piece of equipment

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Feb 26, 2009
Its great
by: Anonymous

Power Jumper is excellent.

I recommend using on your DE for Box squats. Setting up all those barbell bands is a pain in the ass; the power jumper makes it soo easy.

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