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Altitude Landings

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Altitude Landings are an advanced exercise (due to the high impact landings). They are primarily for improving eccentric strength and reducing the time it takes for you to stabilize yourself on the eccentric portion of your jumping.

Technique Tips

Select a height to drop from that is both challenging and that you can safely land from. Then step off and land as lightly on the balls of your feet as you can. Try to minimize knee bend as you land. Climb back up and repeat. As this is a fairly intense exercise you do not need to do too many reps to get a good effect. 10 - 20 maximum should be plenty per workout. Rest several minutes between sets to ensure you are fresh for each rep.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Altitude Landings are

Depth Jumps

Depth Jumps with a Power Jumper

Reactive Trap Bar Deadlifts

Reactive Squats

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