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Band Resisted Sprints

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Band resisted sprints are not just an excellent vertical jump exercise, but are also an excellent sports exercise generally. Along with their capacity to help build explosive leg stength, they also help develop a blinding first step and incredible speed, particularly over the short distances most team sports are played at.

Technique Tips

To really get the most out of band resisted sprints try taking a brief pause between reps. This ensures that you elimenate momentum and requires you to work extra hard out of the blocks to build up enough steam to get any distance on your sprints. Even better is if you have a training partner issue a go command as this adds an extra element of randomness which helps improveeaction time.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Band Resisted Sprints are

Alternate Leg Bounding with a Power Jumper

Power Skipping

Band Resisted Jumps

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