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Beach Gym?

by Mark

Hi, great article on sand training! But you only mention plyometric jumps and sprints, what about general resistance training on sand too? eg squats, deadlifts, biceps curls etc? wouldn’t that work your core extra hard? not to mention all the muscles below the knee as well? Or would you advise against such exercises on sand?
Mark Response: Hi Mark, I have never thought about doing weights on the sand but your logic seems pretty good.

The only problem with doing heavy weight training on sand (besides the practical difficulties of getting your weight training equipment to the beach) is that like doing any really heavy lifting on unstable surfaces in order to get extra core activation is that you tend to lose out more on overall strength gains.

Plus with the sand I would also imagine that you would just start to sink into it, compressing it under your feet which would gradually reduce the instability anyway. Certainly an interesting take on the sand training though.

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