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Box Jumping for Older Athletes

by Park
(Hermos Beach, CA)

Hi Jack,

I am a 50 year old athlete who still plays basketball. I pretty much have been avoiding high impact training as my hip is kind of bad. In my younger days i was a great leaper but I know that I have lost significant lower body strength. Your article on Box jumping was very interesting and I would like to try it.

What do you think about Box jumping for me? it's not like I want to dunk again, but some improved explosiveness would be nice and maybe help my jumpshot.

Thanks, Response: One of the first things we lose as we get older is muscular power. It is fo rthis reason that I think something like a box jump is ideal fo ran older athlete. A standing box jump is very low impact and if you do not need the specificity of technique such as dunking, then I would say go for it.

The great thing about a box jump is that due ot the low impact of it you can do a good enough volume of reps to get the adaptive response you are after without too much impact on the joints.

Also you can increase the box height as you improve to cater for your improved jumps. As long as you are landing on the box in the athletic stance (think defensive position) then the box is a goo dheight. If you are landing with your knees tucked up around your ears the box is too high.



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Jun 05, 2013
Safer Plyo box jumping
by: Park

After your recommendation of doing plyo box jumps I have been doing very well. I liked this explosive movement in my workout and it resulted in better performance in my basketball games. Keep in mind I am almost 52 and I have a bad hip, but this exercise has been a godsend.

I was working out legs tonight, I started with leg extensions before doing my plyos. My legs were still a little pumped and shakey as I was getting ready for the box jumps.

During the past couple months that I have been doing plyos I have stumbled twice on my 30 inch jumps. It hurt and was bloody but I kept going....I continued with the plyo jumps in my general leg workouts.

Tonight I stumbled a little but caught myself. I did not get hurt.
But I kind of "lost it" after that. I became scared to do my 30 inch jumps.

I want to continue doing jumps but I am hoping I can find a safer way to do the max jumps. I know you told me to try lower jumps but I don't feel the explosiveness doing those.

I'm trying to not spend too much money on training equipment so I'm hoping that there's a DIY solution.

Do you have any suggestions.



Apr 10, 2013
Follow up
by: Park

Hi, I just wanted to follow up on this topic. I am the original poster. I have been doing the Pylobox jumps now for several months and have been happy with the results. I like having an explosive movement in my routine and there have been no bad effects on my bad hip. Thanks for your recommendation!


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