vertical jump training

Crazy Hops

by Terrill Wyche
(Detroit, MI)

I own both the Lifeline Power Jumper and their older product called Crazy Hops. I currently use the Crazy Hops product. This product consists of two velcro upper arm straps, one for each arm, a pair of resistance tubes and stirrups for the feet. Like the Power Jumper, Crazy Hops offers similar benefits but with less resistance.

I use the Crazy Hops because I'm not quite ready to use the Power Jumper. I've used it, but it was a bit of a strain for me to use because I'm not yet in the type of shape to use it to train my vertical jump. However, I've been using the Crazy Hops product for about two weeks and it has added about 2 inches to my vertical jump.

I'd recommend any of the Lifeline USA resistance systems for vertical jump training. They're well-constructed, and they just work. I don't even really use weights at all and get results from the Lifeline USA products.

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