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Depth Jumps

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Depth Jumps like altitude landings are often considered to be an advanced exercise due to their high impact nature. They are best used for developing eccentric/reactive strength.

Technique Tips

Some people say the idea when doing depth jumps is to focus on getting off the ground as quickly as possible. Whilst this is true it should not be at the expense of actual jump height. Others say you should not let your heels touch the ground. This is in fact un true. It is ok as long as you are still springing off the ground like it is on fire. For more details about this exercise see our Depth Jumps: A Closer look article.

Another thing to remember when performing depth jumps is to try and use minimum amount of knee bend. The more dip you use the longer you will take to jump which starts to negate some of the desired training effect.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Depth Jumps are

Depth Jumps with a Power Jumper

Altitude Landings

Single Leg depth Jumps

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