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Depth Jumps and Eccentric Strength

Shawn Myszka from Explosive Edge Athletics who we have interviewed a number of times for the site has written a terrific article about depth jumps, eccentric strength and plyometrics. It is available to download by clicking on the link below. No sign up is necessary, just click the link and the PDF article appears ready for you to read.

As always Shawn provides some terrific and detailed information that you can use and apply to your own vertical jump training. Enjoy the article.

Depth Jumps and Eccentric Strength Article

Click the link aboveto read the article!

To learn more about Shawn you can visit his site at

explosive edge athletics


To get an idea of why Shawn knows so much about the topic here is his bio:

Currently the Co-Founder/Athletic Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, MN. Highly sought-after jump clinician whom is presently founding the Plyometrics Special Interest Group and has presents extensively on topics of Plyometrics/Jump Training at dozens of clinics nationwide each year; quickly becoming a leader in the field of plyometrics and jump training throughout the industry.

Formerly worked on the Strength & Conditioning staff with the Chicago Bears in 2003. Former National-level bodybuilder who was trained by 6-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Currently trains many of the top athletes in the state of MN on all levels (HS, college, and professional) and serves as a consultant to many of the state's top athletic programs. Member of the Minnesota NSCA Advisory Board. Voted the 2008 Minnesota NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year

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Shawn Myszka Interview - A fantastic interview with a true expert on vertical jump training. Lots of great stuff.

Rate of Force Development Interview with Shawn Myszka - Shawn discusses the role of rate of force development and vertical jump training.

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