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Depth Jumps with Power Jumper

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Depth Jumps like altitude landings are andvanced exercise due to their high impact nature. They are best used for developing eccentric/reactive strength. The addition of the Power Jumper adds an extra element of eccentric (downward force) along with some light accommodating resistance to make an already great exercise even better.

Technique Tips

There are a number of ways to determine an appropriate height box to perform depth jumps off. The simplest and best method is to use a box height that allows you to depth jump to at least the same height as your standing vertical jump. Some people say the idea when doing depth jumps is to focus on getting off the ground as quickly as possible. Whilst this is true it should not be at the expense of reducing jump height achieved.

Another things to remember when performing depth jumps is to try and use minimum knee bend as the lower you dip down the longer it is going to take to jump which will start to negate some of the training effects of this exercise. When using the Power Jumper for this exercise it is better to use only a single cord as you do not want to have too much resistance as it can slow down the speed and reactiveness of the jump whioch is counter productive to the overall aim of this exercise.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Depth Jumps with a Power Jumper are

Depth Jumps

Altitude Landings

Single Leg depth Jumps

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