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There are many products currently on the market that claim to help you improve your vertical jump. To help save you time and money we have provided complete product reviews for all the ones we have personally used.

Highly Recommended

1. Lifeline USA Portable Power Jumper

2. Manta Ray Squat Support

3. X-Vest Weighted Vest

4. Myotest Performance Measurement System

Good Value

5. Sting Ray Front Squat Support

Not Worth Buying

6. Jumpsoles Plyometric Training Shoes

7. Sky King Calf Isolator

8. Squat Flex


9. Athletic Propulsion Labs Jump Higher Shoes Review Policy

Unlike many product reviews you read on websites unless we clearly state otherwise (such as with the terrible Squat Flex device) we only offer reviews of the ones we actually own and have used ourselves. To proveour reviews are based on authentic experience we will post photos or videos of our team using the products. If you don't see an original photo then you won't see a review.

We will also not be reviewing the ones we think are a waste of money and don't add any benefit as we do not want to inadvertantly provide free advertising to something that we didn't work for us.

Before you buy anything though, it is important to remember that you can significantly improve your vertical jump without using any of the products we review here - even the good ones. Solid work in the gym and sound application of the key training principles (nutrition, rest and recovery, appropriate workload etc) will result in excellent vertical gains.That said, incorporating some of these training aids into your program will absolutely help you optimize your training and improve your results.

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