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Finally Found Something That Worked

by Gary
(Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.)

I have always wanted a good jump and sprint speed. I was very small and weak and got a lot bigger and stronger with squatting and deadlifting, but my vertical never improved. I squatted well over double bodyweight in raw USAPL competition and deadlifted nearly triple bodyweight, but still couldn't get my vertical to go over 24", even with practice. I tried intense Olympic-style weightlifing programs a couple times, but I'm built to deadlift and really suck at the second pulls and I didn't get that much out of cleaning and snatching.

Three weeks ago I ordered the PPJ because of the recommendations on this site. My squat has been stagnating, my knees have been acting up and I was focusing on deadlifts. I figured not squatting would give me a chance to work on some jump training. I took a page from Joe DeFranco and had a Dynamic Effort Day full of jumping and a Maximal Effort Day full of deadlifts (and a few weighted jumps). On the DE day I used the PPJ to do standing verticals and standing broad jumps. I got a couple inches improvement immediately on the SVJ. The next week I got a couple inches on the broad jump. I went from 23-24" to 26-27" as of today. My standing broad jump went from 8'3" to 8'5.5".

I was really beginning to think it wasn't possible to increase one's vertical. I'd tried so many other ways and this sort of gimmicky looking thing was the only thing that worked. Over 3" after just a couple of sessions. No amount of cleaning, jerking, jumping onto boxes, unweighted jumps or weighted jumps did this. So yeah, I have to recommend the PPJ as the most efficient tool I've found to increase verticals. Not saying other ways won't work, but this has been by far the most efficient way I've seen.

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May 27, 2011
by: Gary

Third session with the jumper. 28" vertical and 9' horizontal. This device is just a great way to develop speed-strength in a very short time.

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