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Freak Jump Technique Review

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Freak Jump Technique is a new program created by 7 x ACC high jump champion Adam Linkenauger specifically to help athletes improvetheir jumping technique. One of the key things that allows track and field athletes in the jumping events to jump so well is the hours they spend actually practicing their craft. For any athlete who wants to increase their running vertical jump, this is a very good lesson to take away. In our own Vertical Mastery there is a whole training session devoted to doing this each week. And to be honest, one session a week is a minimum you should be working on this.

Anyway has had a very good look at Freak Jump Technique over the weekend and for our detailed review you can either watch the video below or read on.

The Good Stuff

There is a lot to like about the Freak Jump Technique program. Some of the things that really stood out for me were:
  • The explanations as to why you are being asked to do certain things. There is nothing worse than having a coach tell you to do something without explaining why this is important. Adam does a great job of going through the different aspects of what makes a good jumping technique and telling you how each component contributes to your vertical jump.
  • The step-by-step instructions for reprogramming your running vertical jump. Adam has put together a nice and simple plan for you to follow that will only take you a couple of minutes a day to do. This short but sweet workout should allow you over time to iron out any weak links in your jumping movement efficiency.
  • The ability to apply the techniques to other jumping drills. Another aspect of the program I liked with that a lot of the jumping technique tips can also be applied to regular plyometrics drills to help reinforce the good habits that have Freak Jump Technique program is trying to instil.
  • Dunking Advice. Anybody who has tried to increase their vertical jump with the ultimate goal of dunking a basketball can tell you that just running and jumping high is very different to running and jumping and trying to slam dunk. Adam is a well-know dunker himself and the module on this topic at some very useful information.

The Bad Stuff

Of course this wouldn't be a review unless I pointed out a few things that weren't so good. So here are the things that I didn't like about it:
  • The marketing hype. I don't know why but for some reason Adam really likes to lay it on thick with his marketing claims. Fair enough it is backed by a moneyback guarantee, and I also understand Adam is trying to create a buzz, but some of his claims are a way too sensationalised for my taste.
  • Over-inflated values of the bonuses. This is a common marketing trick certainly not exclusive to Freak Jump Technique, but nonetheless it is one that I feel the detracts from the quality of the program. The program itself is actually pretty good, and the way the bonuses are advertised, to me, cheapens that.
  • The claimed instant inches. I don't doubt at all that the methods taught in the Freak Jump Technique program will help those who need it to achieve some excellent gains on their running vertical jumps. However these techniques will take some time to learn and I think that those gains are more likely to come over an extended period rather than instantly as claimed.
  • The standing vertical jump advice. The advice in the standing vertical jump module isn't necessarily bad it just doesn't add much value in terms of the overall program. There are only a few things you can really do to improve your standing vertical jump technique. I felt that this section of the program was more in their to pad things out than to really help you jump higher.

Like any program there are some good things and some bad things, and it should be noted that the good things about Freak Jump Technique are far more relevant and important than the bad things.

Who is Freak Jump Technique For?

The Freak Jump Technique program is obviously going to be most beneficial for those athletes wanting to increase their running vertical jump, and in particular those wanting to dunk a basketball. On the sales page Adam says 90% of athletes don't jump correctly. I don't know exactly where he got that figure from but I also don't have too hard of a time believing it. I have seen quite a few of my Vertical Mastery customers send me videos of their running jump technique and with very few exceptions most of them had a a lot of work to do.

But there are exceptions. If you're running jump is already smooth, explosive, and significantly higher than your standing vertical jump then the chances are you won't see much return from using Freak Jump Technique. This would be my rule of thumb criteria for deciding whether or not you should invest in this program. If you're running vertical jump isn't much higher than your standing vertical jump than your running jump technique clearly needs some work.


On the surface Freak Jump Technique may seem like just another jump program. However for those athletes looking to increase their running vertical jump having a good technique is very important to getting the best results. Jump technique, or movement efficiency as I prefer to call it, is the glue that brings your structured training of weights and plyometrics together and gives it a practical application.

Freak Jump Technique is a great way to streamline your jump training and to get more results for your hard work. The workouts don't take long to do and they can be used in conjunction with any jump training program. For for those athletes wanting to increase their running vertical jump this is a program that we can recommend highly.

To find out more click on the link: Freak Jump Technique


CATEGORY Freak Jump Technique
Quality of Information Excellent advice for increasing your running vertical jump. Outstanding. The FREE Vertical Mastery guide is a MUST read.
Customization A simple workout designed to re-program your jumping movement correctly. Fully customized programs target your specific needs for maximum results
Presentation Videos and written notes Fully Interactive Software Program
Value for Money Excellent value. Contains a ton of terrific information Vertical Mastery is a bargain. Unlimited training programs and full support.
Overall Freak Jump Technique is an excellent program to help you get the most out of your training Vertical Mastery's ease of use and custom training make it the Best Program in the market by a clear margin.
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