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Adenotrex Reviewed - An honest look at this so called wonder drug. Note, this stuff is crap.

Air Alert Reviewed - Air Alert has been around for a while. Is it any good?

Amortization Phase - An indepth article on the importance of proper landings in the amortization phase of plyometrics and vertical jump training.

Athletic Advantage Reviewed - Our review of the Athletic Advantage jump program.

Athletic Quickness Reviewed - Another program that makes bold claims about amazing results in minutes. Ho Hum.

Band Training - Band training is not only a great fun, but is also a highly effective method of developing your vertical jump. Find out why adding bands to your training works so well.

The Best Vertical Jump Exercise Ever - What is the best vertical jumping exercise you can do?

Bodyweight Training - No weights? No problem. Find out how to gain inches with nothing but your own body weight.

Calf Isolator - We review the novel Sky King Calf Isolator.

Core Training - Having a strong core can help you not only jump higher, but just flat out perform better.

Depth Jumps - A closer look at this highly effective but sometimes misunderstood exercise.

Exercise Selection - Smart exercise selection can be the difference between a massive vertical and a mediocre one. Find out what you should be thinking about when you decide what exercises you want to use.

Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber - Fast twitch muscle fibers! What are they and how do you develop them.

Fat Burning - Carrying around some extra weight sure won't help you jump higher. If some fat burning is required to help you achieve your goals we have just the thing.

Get Max Vertical Review - Our review of the Get Max Vertical program.

Ground Contact Time - An analysis of the role ground contact time has in plyometrics.

Golgi Tendon Organ - A quick look at how much golgi tendon organ inhibition really plays in reducing your jump height.

Injury Prevention - No one likes getting hurt. By taking a few precautionary steps you can reduce your chances of getting injured significantly.

Isometrics - Can you really jump higher without moving a muscle? Isometrics is the name of the game.

Jump Attack - Our review of Tim Grover's book Jump Attack.

Jump Experts Reviewed - Our review of the Jump Experts series.

Jumpers Knee - What is it and what can you do about it.

Jump Manual Review -Our review of Jacob Hillers Jump Manual. It ain't pretty.

Jumpsoles Reviewed - Our review of the well known platform shoes - Jumpsoles.

Kettlebell Training - How to use kettlebells to increase your vertical jump.

Lessons From Parkour - Parkour is a fantastic and fast growing activity that at the advanced levels is breathtaking to watch. Here we examine some of the many lessons an aspiring vertical jump athlete can take from it.

The Lightened Method - Bridging the gap between specific and general strength training for awesome bang for your buck vertical jump development.

Low Impact Training - Jumping is hard work on your body but it doesn't have to be. Follow a few of these simple low impact strategies and give your joints a break without sacrificing your gains.

Lower leg Training - How important is the lower leg in jumping high? Find out in our lower leg training article.

Luka Hocevars Top 10 Jump Exercises - Luka Hocevar gives you his top 10 vertical jump exercises.

Manta Ray Review - Our review of the excellent Manta Ray squat device.

Marketing Tricks of Vertical Jump Programs - An eye opening expose on the marketing tricks employed by most commercial jump programs. A must read.

MVP Program Review - Our review of the MVP vertical jump program.

Olympic lifting - Olympic lifters are not only very strong, but they are also very powerful.. Learn why the O-lifts can be so beneficial for athletes in developing that important explosive muscular power.

Overspeed Training - Overspeed training is a nice little trick you can do to quickly boost your speed and vertical jump.

Passive Training - Passive training is the lazy mans guide to extra inches on your vertical jump.

Periodization Part 1 - We look at the linear model of program periodization and how you can apply it to your vertical jump training.

Periodization Part 2 - Part 2 of our look at linear periodization and vertical jump training.

Plyometrics Part 1 - Part 1 of our 2 part plyometrics article covers some of the theory involved in this type of jump training.

Plyometrics Part 2 - Part 2 of our 2 part look at plyometrics covers the more practical elements of incorporating it into your program.

Pool Plyometrics - Pool plyometrics is a fun way to train that is not only easy on the joints, but also can provide some nice gains.

Posterior Chain - The posterior chain is the workhorse area for vertical jumping power. But is it more important than the anterior chain?

Power Jumper Review - Our review of the fantastic Lifeline Portable Power Jumper.

Program 51 Reviewed - Program 51 reviewed. Be warned, it gets ugly.

Sand Training - Sand training is another fun way to develop your vertical jump without the jarring impact of traditional plyometrics.

Science of Jumping - Our review of the Science of Jumping.

Single Leg Jump Training - Want to improve your single leg jump? Well you need to do some single leg vertical jump training. Find out more.

Springboost B-Train Shoes Review - If you need some new training shoes you would do very well to check out the Springboost B-Train's.

Sprint Training - Sprinting and jumping have a lot in common. Learn how some sprint training can improve your jump.

Squats and Deadlifts - Squats and deadlifts are the big two strength building exercises for increasing your vertical jump. Check out our introductory look at these great exercises.

Sting Ray Review - Our review of the Sting Ray front squat device.

Strength Training Part 1 - Getting strong is vital for jumping high. Part 1 of our 2 part look at strength training covers the various theories behind strength training.

Strength Training Part 2 - Part 2 of our strength training article looks at the more practical elements of getting strong.

Joe DeFrancos Super Strength DVD Review - Our take on the excellent DVD introduction to the conjugate method for athletes - Super Strength.

Supplements - Supplements can help you recover quicker and jump higher quicker. They can also just be a waste of money. Find out the good from the bad.

Training Frequency Part 1 - How often should you be training to increase your vertical jump?

Training Frequency Part 2 - How training variables impact frequency.

Training Intensity - A look at what training intensity is and how it can effect your jump program.

Unilateral Training - It is said that unilateral, or single leg training has a bigger carry over to sports performance. Here we examine the pros and cons of this type of training.

Upper Body Training - Given nearly all your jumping power comes from your legs how much upper body work should you be doing to maximize your vertical jump?

Upper Body Training Part 2 - Try this simple yet highly effective upper body workout for some pretty impressive results.

Vertical Freak 101 Reviewed - Our review of the Vert Freak 101 jump program from Adam Linkenauger

Vertical Jump Bible Reviewed - Our review of Kelly Baggetts brilliant Vertical Jump Bible

Vertical Project Reviewed - Our review of the Vertical Project.

Vibration Training - A lot has been claimed about vibration training for jumping athletes. Is any of it true? Here is our take on this increasingly popular training technique.

Visualization - Seeing is believing, and believing is achieving. No, I haven't turned into the Dr Suess, I am talking about the powerful effects of visualization.

Weight Training Introduction - To maximize your vertical jump you will need to lift weights. Here is the introduction to our 3 part article on weight training and vertical jump development.

Weight Training Part 1 - Part 1 of our weight training article takes us into the whys and hows of weight training and the positive effects it can have on jumping higher.

Weight Training Part 2 - Part 2 of our weight training article covers the training parameters for effectively hitting the iron to improve your vertical jump.

Weight Training Machines - Generally weight training machines are considered to be the inferior option to free weights. But believe it or not they have their uses. Find out how you might incorporate some work on machines for additional gains.

Weight Vest Training - Weight vest training would have to be one of the most effective means of improving your vertical jump. Find out why we lovethese simple training aids so much.

Westside for Jumping Bastards Part 1: How to use conjugate training to improve your Vertical Jump

Westside for Jumping Bastards Part 2: Practical Application of the Westside conjugate training system.

X-Vest Review - Our review of the X-Vest weighted vest. It is America's number 1 selling weight vest because it is a quality product.

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