vertical jump training

Great results with the Power Jumper

by Sebastian
(Toronto, Canada)

I bought a power jumper about 6 months ago and have been using it regularly since. Even though it has been winter here in Canada I have been using it in my school gym. I've got to say I have been amazed by how well it works.

I only use it for my jumping workouts which I try and do 2 times per week. I do mostly bounding, skipping and some other single leg jumps. When I started I could just touch the ring. Now I am able to dunk. I honestly never thought I would be able to and now I couldn't be happier with my results.

If I did have to say one bad thing it I would say that is that it does get a bit tough on the neck if you use too many bands. Overall though I would say this is a very good product.

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