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High Box Jumps

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

High Box Jumps are essentially the same as regular box jumps but using a higher box. As is the case with regular box jumps they are also primarily used for developing maximum explosiveness.

Technique Tips

The main difference between high box jumps and regular box jumps is that with the high box variety the landings aren't nearly as clean due to the extra height used. Regular box jumps are about jumping high quickly, but also about landing softly on the box. High box jumps are therefore more about maximizing box height. I have included them as a seperate exercise as they have a much higher risk of injury and should therefore be used in a slightly different manner in a program (earlier in the session, and for fewer reps. Maximum concentration is required).

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to High Box Jumps are

Box Jumps

Box Jumps with a Medicine Ball

Box Jumps with a Weight Vest

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