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Vertical Jump Interview with Joel Smith

Track and Field coach Joel Smith KNOWS vertical jump training. Like me he has an amazing passion for learning how to increase an athletes vertical jump. Joel has written a number of articles for but until Í haven't had the pleasure to sit down with him and share ideas. However a few weeks ago I did catch up with him and had a great chat.

In the interview we discuss plyometrics, ankle strength, the portable power jumper and much more. I have split the interview into 2 parts.

To listen to part 1 click the play button below:

Part 2 is below.

A couple of things about the interview. First up my apologies for some of the echo. I think Joel might have been chatting to me using his speakers instead of headphones. Secondly, we talked about his ankle strength board video. Here is the video we were talking about.

Also if you would like to know more about the Lifeline Power jumper here is my full review of this excellent training tool:

Lifeline Power Jumper Review

About Joel Smith

Joel Smith is a track and field/sport performance coach located in Wilmington, Ohio. He is currently the assistant track & field coach, director of athletic performance, and adjunct professor at Wilmington College. He has accumulated 8 years of training athletes in a professional setting and has been fascinated with things involving the improvement of human abilities and performance from a young age.

You can visit Joels excellent traing blog at and while you are there don't forget to sign up to read his fantastic single leg jump training guide.

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