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Boing Vert Interview - The Boing Vert jump program has been created by our good friend Shawn Myszka. Shawn was good enough to speak to us about it.

The Future of Sports Training with Shawn Myszka - Shawn Myszka from Explosive Edge Athletics talks about the future of sports training.

Maximum Strength and Vertical Jump Performance Interview - Shawn Myszka discusses with the role of maximum strength development in vertical jump improvement.

Eccentric Strength Development Interview - Reactive or eccentric strength maybe the most important factor in jumping high, so how do you get it? Shawn Myszka tells you how.

Alex Vasquez LDISO Interview - An interview with Alex Vasquez from Evolutionary Athletics about the benefits of long duration isometrics.

Rate of Force Development Interview with Shawn Myszka - Shawn discusses the role of rate of force development and vertical jump training.

Shawn Myszka Interview - A fantastic interview with a true expert on vertical jump training. Lots of great stuff.

Nick Newman Interview - An interview with up and coming elite long jumper on the interesting topic of assisted jump training.

Mike T Nelson Interview Part 1 - RKC and Z-Health trainer Mike T Nelson discusses a few great tricks and techniques to maximize your vertical jump.

Mike T Nelson Interview Part 2 - RKC and Z-Health trainer Mike T Nelson continues our discussion on the CNS and other factors that impact vertical jump performance.

Jack Woodrup on the Jim Show for Big Stack Radio - An interview with's own Jack Woodrup about vertical jump training in general.

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