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Vertical Jumping Exercises

There are plenty of good jumping and plyometric exercises that you can use to develop your vertical jump. In this section you will find videos of many of the more effective ones.

The videos of the various jumping and plyometric drills are grouped into single leg exercises, double leg exercises, medicine ball exercises, power jumper exercises, and weight vest exercises. Click on the respective links below to view the videos for exercise you want to see.


123 Jump

Alternate Leg Bounding

Band Resisted Jumps

Band Resisted Sprints

Multiple Hops

Paused Scissor Jumps

Plyo Lunges

Power Skipping

Scissor Jumps

Single Leg Box Jump

Single Leg Burpees**NEW**

Single Leg Depth Jump

Single Leg Paused Frog Jump

Single Leg Seated Jump

Single Leg Cone Hops**NEW**

Single Leg Tuck Jumps

Split Jumps

BW Lunge Variations **NEW**

BW Step Ups **NEW**

BW Single Leg Deadlift **NEW**

Want to know what the best exercises are for training your vertical jump? Then you should check out our free vertical jump training guide. Just enter your name and email address below to download your copy instantly.


1 Step Box Jump

Broad Jumps

Altitude Landings

Ankle Jumps

Box Jumps

Burpees **NEW**

Cone Hops **NEW**

Depth Jumps

High Box Jumps

Multiple Box Jumps

Paused Weighted Jump Squats

Paused Frog Jump

Seated Jump

Tuck Jump

Weighted Jump Squats


1 Step Box Jump with Medicine Ball

123 Jump with Medicine Ball

Ankle Jumps with Medicine Ball

Box Jumps with Medicine Ball

Paused Frog Jumps with Medicine Ball

Paused Squat Jumps with Medicine Ball

Plyo Lunges with Medicine Ball

Power Skipping with Medicine Ball

Seated Jumps with Medicine Ball

Single Leg Tuck Jumps with Medicine Ball

Tuck Jumps with Medicine Ball

Squat Jumps with a Medicine Ball and a Power Jumper **NEW**


We have added this section because we feel that the Power Jumper is such a versatile training device it would be beneficial to see for yourself just how easy it can be incorporated to enhance the effectiveness of your vertical jump training.

123 Jump with Power Jumper

Alternate Leg Bounding with Power Jumper

Broad Jumps with Power Jumper

Ankle Jumps with Power Jumper

Depth Jumps with Power Jumper

Multiple Hops with Power Jumper

Paused Jump Squats with Power Jumper

Paused Frog Jumps with Power Jumper

Power Skipping with Power Jumper

Scissor Jumps with Power Jumper

Squat Jump with Power Jumper

Tuck Jump with Power Jumper


1 Step Box Jump with Weight Vest

Ankle Jumps with Weight Vest

Box Jumps with Weight Vest

Paused Frog Jumps with Weight Vest

Paused Jump Squats with Weight Vest

Plyo Lunges with Weight Vest

Power Skipping with Weight Vest

Scissor Jumps with Weight Vest

Seated Jump with Weight Vest

Single Leg Box Jumps with Weight Vest

Single Leg Tuck Jumps with Weight Vest

Tuck Jump with Weight Vest


Currently in this section the links are to just the videos. We will be adding descriptions and pointers in due course.

Finally, we hope you enjoy this section of the site. The list here is just the beginning of all the exercises out there (we will continue to add more in the future), but we hope that what we have shown can stimulate some good ideas for your own vertical jump development.

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