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Land on your heels?

by CJ
(manila, philippines)


I'm a big fan of box jumps. Lately I also discovered how much stronger I can squat if I use my heels to draw power from, and have the weight rest on them. My question for the box jump is would it then be correct to say:
1. when you jump, use your heels to propel
2. when you land on the box, should you land on your heel (heel to toe)? I observed the 1st video, the 1st jump looked like you do land on your heel first (took a look by pausing it on the 1st jump)

What do you think? response: Hi CJ, generally you would look to jump normally (i.e. off your toes, not your heels) and also look to land on your forefoot first, not your heels.

Landing on the forefoot helps you better absorb the landing forces.

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