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Low Rep Question

by Mandeep Singh Aulakh

Thanks a lot Jack. I have been reading your articles for a while now and they are really helpful.

Will a scheme of 2 reps and 8 sets with 45 secs of rest be good enough? And will stiff leg deadlifts have bad effect on my knees? Response: Thanks for your kind words Mandeeep. Firstly, the easy one. Stiff leg deadlifts will not hurt your knees.

As to whether or not 8 sets of 2 with 45 seconds rest is a good choice will depend on many factors including what exercise you are using, what weight you are using, what your goal is, how well you are conditioned (the better conditoned you are the quicker you will recover between sets. 45 seconds might be adequate for a condtioned person, but for someone else, it might not be long enough), etc.

It isn't a yes or no question. I would need a lot more information about your overall programming to answer it.

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