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Squat Jumps with Medicine Ball and Power Jumper

Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Squat jumps are a great vertical jump exercise because they are highly specific, simple to do, and can be performed anywhere. Using the medicine ball and power jumper adds both a small amount of constant resistance and accommodating resistance to make an already excellent exercise even better. This exercise is great for building explosive and reactive strength.

Technique Tips

There isn't much to this exercise. Simply put the power jumper on, grab your medicine ball and start jumping. Aim to minimize ground contact time and maximze jump height and you can't really go wrong. The simplest exercises are often the best and they don't get much simpler or effective than this.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Jump Squats with a Medicine Ball and a Power Jumper are

Weighted Jump Squats

Squat Jump with Power Jumper

Paused Jump Squats with Weight Vest

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