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Paused Frog Jumps with Medicine Ball

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Paused Frog Jumps, like all paused exercises are excellent for developing explosive strength and power due to the way you have to jump from a resting, unfavorable position. The addition of the medicine ball helps add some resistance to your jumps and takes away much of the power generated by your arms which forces your legs and core to do more of the work.

Technique Tips

This exercise is very effective as the frog position is an extreme range of motion which requires the recruitment of a lot of muscle groups. The very deep squat position in particular hits the glutes.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Paused Frog Jumps with a Medicine Ball are

Paused Frog Jumps

Paused Frog Jumps with a Power Jumper

Paused Frog Jumps with a Weight Vest

Paused Single Leg Frog Jumps

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