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Vertical Jump Interview with Mike T Nelson

In recent times I have been very fortunate to speak with some very interesting and very knowledgable people from the strength and conditioning world about vertical jump training. This interview is another excellent opportunity to learn about a couple of aspects of vertical jump training that most people know are vitally important but don't know how to get the most out of. The gentleman you are about to hear from is Mike T Nelson from

Mike T Nelson

Mike is an incredibly switched on guy when it comes to knowing how to really get the most out of your body in terms of athletic performance. He is amongst other things an RKC instructor as well as a Master of Z Health and he has some very interesting things to say. /

To hear part 1 of the interview click on the play button below.

If you would like to listen to the second part of the interview it can be found here Mike Nelson Interview Part 2 Mike has very generously put together a nice little Z-Health report with a few tricks you can use to improve your performance not just in vertical jump but in all your athletic endeavours. To get the eye opening Z-health and vertical jump report just fill in the form below .

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