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Multiple Hops with Power Jumper

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Multiple hops using the power jumper is perhaps the very best drill for developing reactive strength for single leg jumping. If you have sufficient strength levels to perform this exercise correctly than adding the power jumper will result in impressive improvements to both your joint stability your ability to explode off one leg. For those of you who have problems with your knee collapsing during take off for one leg jumps this exercise will help fix this problem.

Technique Tips

Make sure you have mastered this exercise without the power jumper first. Once you can do it fairly comfortably then look to add the power jumper for extra resistance. As this exercise is about fluidity and speed of movement a single band should be enough for most people.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Multiple Hops with the Power jumper are

Multiple Hops

Power Skipping with the Power Jumper

123 Jumps with the Power Jumper

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