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NFL Players - Best Athletes Period

by Allessio Ventura
(Casalvieri, Italy)

NFL players, especially running backs and linebackers, can excel in any sport requiring strength, speed, power PLUS agility.

For example, take your average NFL first round lnebacker who can bench 225, 25 to 30 times, and who is fast, and strong, with plenty of fast twitch muscle and cardio-vascular stamina. This athlete, when trained young, would be able to take out most people in Mixed Martial Arts.

Even more so if he wrestled in high school or college, which plenty of NFL players have including Ray Lewis. Likewise, any NFL player would excel at Rugby and free-style or folk-style wrestling, and many would be excellent basketball players.

They choose the NFL because of the money, but would dominate other sports if they trained in those sports when young.

I also believe they would adapt to fine motor skill sports, such as baseball and soccer, and again, many of them have played baseball in high school or college. In fact, the NFL athlete is the true multi-sport athlete which proves without a doubt that being a multi-sport athlete as a youngster turns you into a better athlete in the long run.

This should say something to youth sport coaches and administrators, who mistakenly think the youth athlete should focus on just one sport. We see this trend, especially in soccer, where young athletes get more over use injuries because the club teams want their kids to play soccer to the exclusion of other sports.

NFL athletes are the best there is.

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