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Look guys, its pretty simple. In Jack's interview with Shawn, they talked about Pau Gasol not needing to jump really high cuz he was so tall. Why would a guy like Reggie Bush, who has a 41 inch standing vertical, ever need to jump high anyway?

Also, the comparison between NBA draft prospects standing verticals to the NFL draft prospects verticals is ridiculous. This year, the highest NBA standing vertical was 32 inches. Check it out on draftexpress. John Wall had a 39 inch running vertical, while I recall about 15 NFL players had over 40 inch STANDING verts.

There are 350 lb defensive tackle rookies in the NFL that jump over 35 inches. That's just ridiculous. It's no secret that these guys are strong as hell. Maybe the numbers we hear aren't right but still, they're a lot stronger than NBA players. That is why they jump higher. THEY ARE STRONGER!!!!! (with a good rate of force development of course... powerlifters cant get 10 inches off the ground.) Comment Nice post but also basketballers have a lot more aerobic energy needs too which has to contribute, plus the certain type of athlete that makes it to the NFL is going to have a certain body type that lends itself to being strong and powerful otherwise they wouldn't have made it to he NFL draft.

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Sep 27, 2017
Free speech NEW
by: Timmer

Why are the players griping about free speech when they are not giving our president his right to free speech.It seems all he did was say how he felt and nowhere is being vilified for it.Is this not the definition of hypocrisy. Another thing I don't understand is how can 70% of the players in the NFL be black when 78% of the population of the US is white.How is this racial equality.

Aug 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's well documented that powerlifters + olympic lifters have the highest vertical leaps on average.

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