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Paused Jump Squats with Power Jumper

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Weighted Jump Squats with a pause are best used for developing explosive strength. The addition of the power jumper is highly beneficial as it provides accommodating resistance without adding any extra weight and without impacting jumping technique.

Technique Tips

These are a fairly straigth forward exercise to do. Once you have a suitable load selected, put it on, then squat down to the bottom position and hold it for a few seconds, then explode back up into the jump. The pause creates an extended isometric contraction which has two effects. The first is that it removes most of the involvement of the stretch shorten cycle, and the second is that you are forced to overcome the resistance a from static position which is harder to do.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Paused Weighted Jump Squats with a Power Jumper are <

Weighted Jump Squats

Paused Jump Squats with a Medicine Ball

Paused Jump Squats with a Weight Vest

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