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Power Jumper Trap Bar Deadlift

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Best Use For Vertical Jumping

Adding the Lifeline Power Jumper to the trap bar deadlift is a great way for athletes without access to regular strength bands to get some accommodating resistance into their training. The Power Jumper will allow you to increase the resistance at the top (the same range of motion as actually used in jumping), and as such is a great way to learn how to lift more explosively. Due to the greater tension at the top of the movement as the Power Jumper cords become stretched, you will need to put in the extra effort to keep accelerating from the moment you pick up the bar. The combination of the Power Jumper and the concentric focus of the deadlift make this a great exercise for improving your RFD.

Technique Tips

The Power Jumper trap bar deadlift is performed in exactly the same manner as a regular trap bar deadlift. Put the Power Jumper on, bend down and grip the trap bar by the handles, then driving from your hips, explode up. Keep your core tight so that your upper leg muscles are doing the majority of the work, not the lower back. One of the benefits of using a trap bar is that it is much easier on your back, but you still have to lift correctly to avoid putting excessive pressure on it.

Whilst you can use the Power Jumper with very heavy weights, more beneficial results are achieved using it with slightly lighter weights and trying to lift with a greater degree of explosive speed.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the Power Jumper Trap bar Deadlift are:

Trap Bar Deadlift

Power Jumper Trap bar Deadlift Off a Box

Power Jumper Sumo Grip Deadlift

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