vertical jump training Program Review Policy

This policy is the basis on which reviews commercially available vertical jump programs. Please note we do not review based on results due to the fact that each athlete is different and therefore we, nor anybody else, can honestly say that if program X helped athlete Y gain 10 inches, then program X will help athlete Z also gain 10 inches. There are just too many variables between the two.

However, we have established a few other categories that we feel when put together will give a good indication of whether or not you can expect good results. These categories are as follows:

Quality of Information

This is a fairly obvious starting point for our critique. If the training information provided is nonsense (such as the "Double Your Vertical Leap " mathematical formula provide by the Vertical Project) then it won't help you jump higher. Also if the training information is incomplete, i.e. it only covers one element of vertical jump training whilst ignoring everything else, it will not help you maximize your vertical.

Basically a good program should accurately cover all the major elements of vertical jump training. If it doesn't then it is an inferior program.


Each athlete is different and therefore has different training requirements. A program that just provides a list exercises and some set and rep schemes is generally inferior to one that is based on an assessment of the individual strengths and weaknesses of the athlete. Provided the proper training fundamentals are in place we believe that the level of customization is the most important feature of a training program.

A great program would also factor in what access to equipment you have and what your schedule is like outside your vertical jump work. After all, what good is a program if you can't do half the exercises or it requires you to train 6 days a week when you are already playing and training three! Currently the program builder, is the only one on the market that factors all of these variables in.


The presentation of a program is made up of how clearly the concepts are explained and the training activities are described. It also includes quality of production values, resolution of photos or videos, and overall layout of the final product.

The general rule is that a program with better production values is more likely to be legitimate than something put together by some marketer trying to make a quick buck. This is however just a general rule. The bottom line of any program assessment is based on quality and customization.

Value For Money

When forking out your hard earned cash you want to know you are getting good value. There is one program that is grossly over priced and a few that are excellent value for money. Value is determined by the quality of information, how customizable the program is, the production values, as well as obviously the price.

A program that contains great information, excellent athlete specific workouts, and has outstanding production, whilst good, won't really be good value if it costs $5000. On the other hand a program that costs $10 is not good value if it is absolute rubbish. That said the most expensive program on the market isn't necessarily the best, nor is the cheapest the worst, so don't be fooled into thinking price = quality.


So there you have it. This is our method for evaluating the various jump programs available. If you have any questions about the programs we have reviewed, or the policy itself please feel free to send us an email on our Contact Us page.

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