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Reactive Power Jumper Trap Bar Deadlift

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Best Use For Vertical Jumping

Adding the Lifeline Power Jumper to the reactive trap bar deadlift is a simple way to generate extra downward eccentric force. Basically using the Power Jumper allow you to 'overspeed' the dropping motion because the cords want to contract back at a faster rate than gravity alone provides. This engages the muscles eccentrically and generates a more powerful stretch shorten response making this a terrific exercise for building reactivity and speed.

Technique Tips

The reactive trap bar deadlift is performed by picking up the trap bar whilst wearing the power jumper. From a standing position with the trap bar in your hands, rapidly drop down into a half squat. Between the weight of the bar and the over-speed effect of the Power Jumper cords this will generate significant downward force which your muscles will have to work hard at in order to catch and stop the descent.

As you are deliberately trying to overload the eccentric portion via the bands and the high speed dropping of the weight you should use a much lighter load than you would for building pure concentric strength.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the Reactive Power Jumper Trap Bar Deadlift are:

Reactive Trap Bar Deadlift

Reactive Squat

Reactive Split Squat

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