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Reactive Trap Bar Deadlift

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Reactive trap bar deadlifts are like reactive squats, great for developing eccentric strength and reactiveness.

Technique Tips

Unlike regular deadlifts the emphasis of reactive trap bar deadlifts is not so much on lifting the weight, but rather the dropping and catching of the weight. The idea behind this drop and catch action is to help you reduce the time you spend in the eccentric portion of your jump. The quicker you can jump, the higher you can jump.

The obvious technique tips are to focus on dropping the weight and descending as quickly as possible to maximize the downward force of the trap bar. At the bottom catch the weight and as quickly as possible reverse the direction back to the concentric. When performing reactive trap bar deadlifts, or any reactive lift for that matter you will have to use a lighter weight.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to reactive trap bar deadlifts are

Reactive Split squats

Reactive Squats

Trap Bar Deadlift

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