vertical jump training

running and bounding on sand dunes

by Maceo
(Los Angeles)

I found a great short term response to sprinting, running and bounding (with no weight) up a sand dune at the beach. I am now 36 and have had ACL/miniscus surgery on my left knee. So, I'm always looking for low stress

High intensity workouts. I noticed an immediate difference in my dunking ability. I wish the dunes were closer. I added this once a week to my normal lifting program. I basically did 3 sets of each exercise. Running up the entire 50 yard hill. Sprinting to cones (approx. 10 yards). And bounding the same.

I also saw guys doing one legged hops (yikes! That's harder than you can imagine at that level of incline). Anyway, check it out! It's getting warmer! Response: Great stuff Maceo. To 1) be dunking, 2) doing it at your age, and 3) after ACL/Miniscus problems is excellent. Some low impact training such as what you describe on the sand sounds like you are definitely training smarter, not just harder.

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Jul 12, 2010
where's the dunes?
by: Anonymous

where in LA can I find hills or sand dunes to train on? The famous sand dunes in Manhattan Beach still seemed to be closed and the city will have paid reservation system for people that want to work out 20 at a time when it does re-open.

Where else can we go? response:

Sorry, can't help you. I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

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