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Safety Bar Concentric Box Squat

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Safety Bar concentric, or bottom up box squats are initiated from both a dead stop position and due to the sitting on the box, a more relaxed state. Rapidly going from this motionless and relaxed state into an explosive movement is a tremendous way to improveate of force development.

Technique Tips

The safety bar concentric box squat is performed exactly the same way as a regular concentric squat except that you start from a sitting position which allows for greater relaxation of the muscles before reps. Firstly place the bar so it rests on the pins of the power rack at a height that is about parallel when you have the bar positioned on your shoulders. Then climb under the bar in the bottom of the squat.

Once you are under the bar simply lift with as much speed and force as you can whilst maintaining good form of knees out, tight midsection, and head looking forward. Then slowly lower the bar until you are back on the box where you take a brief moment to rest, and then repeat for the desired number of reps.

Before each rep try and relax your muscles as much as you can so that they are forced to contract quickly to lift the weight. In the video you will see that I actually go so far as to removemyself from the bar between reps. The added relaxation of the muscles facilitated by the seated position ensures that each rep is performed from a full stop position with no cheating.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the safety bar concentric box squat are

Lightened Concentric Squats

Concentric Squat

Box Squat

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