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Safety Bar Split Squat

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Safety bar split squats are an excellent way to use the split squat to develop single leg jumping strength. The split squat movement really targets the muscles used in single leg jumping and is thus an excellent choice for building strength for that type of jumping. The safety bar also makes it slightly easier to maintain balance over a regular bar due to the way the shoulder pads rest on your shoulders.

Technique Tips

The safety bar split squat is no different to the regular barbell version except that it is easier to balance and is therefore slighty easier to get the hang of. I also find it is more comfortable. TO complete the lift you simply place your back foot onto a bench in a comfortable position, then whilst keeping your torso upright and your front foot facing forward, you squat down. Good hip flexibility is important in getting a decent depth on your squat.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the safety bar split squat are

Split Squats

Reactive Split Squats

Split Squats with Bands

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