vertical jump training

Sand training for boxers

by Georgia Ragsdale
(Redondo Beach, CA)

We use sand training for boxer's base building leg strength. Warm up before entering sand, begin with 4-8 rounds of shadow boxing in the sand (3 min work periods with 1 minute rests). Follow this with leg focused short sprints 20-30 feet with a knee-up walk back to start spot: hopping, skipping, lunging, jumping,side to side lunges (like a speed-skater)

Intensity level: high, HIT about 35-50 min workout. Max HR intervals with rest periods of varying lengths. We are not concerned with a vertical jump but with balance, stability and speed for moving front, back and side/side on a flat surface (in a boxing ring). Results have been stellar. Response: Hi Georgia, great to hear of another coach thinking outside the box a bit and getting results. Sounds like a great way to train.

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