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Squat Flex: Its Terrible.

Written by Jack Woodrup for

Lately there has been quite a fuss about the Squat Flex device from Jump USA. Given the number of emails I have from people asking about it I thought it might save me some time by simply writing a review of the product. However as I have not personally tested it (and have no intention of WASTING $500 on this pile of crap), lets call this one - an opinion piece.

how to jump higher and increase your vertical jump

The short version of this review/opinion piece is that it is an overpriced waste of space that at best has only a very limited usage. You would have to have rocks in your head to purchase it. The long version is as follows.

What is Squat Flex

The squat flex is basically a platform and a bar that has an attachment that you hook some bands over. Thats it. $500 for that.

squat flex

Squat Flex: Possibly the worst $497 investment you could make towards improving your vertical jump.

Why would anyone pay $497 for what essentially boils down to a single exercise? Literally the only thing you can do on this is the hack squat. So that is $497 for a single exercise, and even then that exercise isn’t that great. You could just as easily do this very same exercise using a barbell held behind your legs.

In fact here is a video of me doing just that!

Second at that price, which is a huge amount of money for something so limiting you could buy a weight set, some squat stands, and a lifetime supply of custom made vertical jump programs for much less.

Seriously I just did a quick search on Amazon and you can buy squat stands for $150, a 300 pound weight set for $163, and you can purchase the Vertical Mastery software program for $67. That is a total of $380. For this money you will have an infinite number of exercises, a tailor made training program and over one hundred bucks change.

how to jump higher and increase your vertical jump

Now I know many of you have received emails from JumpUSA and a number of coaches who are promoting this device, and I have seen the YouTube videos where several top dunkers blatantly lie to the camera about how they have used Squat Flex to massively increase their vertical jump. The reason they say these things – they are getting paid.

None of those people promoting Squat Flex, particularly the ones who can actually jump, will have gained huge amounts of vertical from using that device. Bottom line, they are promoting it because JumpUSA is giving them money or endorsing their programs.

The dishonesty of those endorsements for Squat Flex is just astonishing and just reinforces why should be your number 1 resource for everything vertical jump related. We don't deal in bulls&#t like this. I can't state this any clearer - if you buy Squat Flex you have either too much money or not enough brains.

Squat Flex - The Final Word

The reasons I dislike the Squat Flex so much is because quite frankly it is just too much money for what it is. Forget the dishonest tactics from JumpUSA of fake endorsements, and the sell out jump guru's sending you email's - the biggest problem is it just costs too much money for a single exercise that as my parody video shows can just as easily be performed with a barbell.

JumpUSA has some great products for sale and if this one cost maybe $100 instead of the $497 they are currently asking for it, well you might consider it - and only then if you had absolutely no other alternative. Seriously, this product is a joke.

Also I am aware that under the current promotion Squat Flex is going for $297, and Luke Lowery is giving a $100 rebate if you buy one through him. This raises several very important questions.

The first is how can they list this thing for $497 if they can actually afford to sell it for $297 and still make a margin of AT LEAST $100? That is a huge profit margin they have built into this. No wonder they are pushing it so hard!

The second question relates to Luke Lowery and his $100 rebate offer. Who in their right mind actually believes that man will give you $100? With no one ever successfully claiming his money back + $100 offer he used to have with the Vertical Project, and with the deceptive way he gets people to unwittingly sign up for his recurring billing schemes (Adenotrex and TVP have both resulted in a flood of angry emails about people getting billed for things they never knew they were agreeing to. One person complaining is just their own stupidity, 50 people suggests they were duped into it) I wouldn't want to be buying something believing Luke Lowery is going to give me any money.

Truly, this device, whether it is $497, or $297, is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. It is promoted by liars (dunkers who have been dunking for years and now because they are getting paid are claiming they used it to increase their hops) and people whose business practices I believe to be dis-honest (Lowery). JumpUSA themselves sell some really great stuff and are an excellent company, but with this one, well it just sucks

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