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Super Strength Review

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Joe DeFranco is a well known name in sports training. For those of you who are fans of his articles his Super Strength DVD won't disappoint.

Joe DeFranco's Super Strength DVD

Quality of Content

The DVD is an excellent introduction into the application of the conjugate method for sports enhancement. It covers a wide selection of upper and lower body exercise choices for Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, and Repetitive Effort training days. Obviously from a vertical jump point of view it is the lower body training that we are interested in.

It is the lower body emphasis in this DVD that makes it a great resource for vertical jumping athletes. Not only does it feature all the regular strength building exercises such as deadlifting and squatting, but is also has sections specifically dedicated to unilateral training, and posterior chain development.

In the DVD Joe correctly points out that in order to maximize your speed and vertical jump you need to work on BOTH of these areas without necessarily emphasizing one over the other. Other interesting, but excellent points made in the DVD include why Joe chooses not to use Olympic lifting in his program, and how and why you can use chains and bands to add variety and increase the effectiveness of your training.


The DVD clearly shows how to perform a great number of major bang for your buck exercises that anybody could take away and use. One of our favorites is the trap bar deadlift which is the preferred version of that lift. Aside from the terrific number of exercises demonstrated, the DVD also does a great job of describing how the conjugate method works and how you can apply it to your own program.


This is a great addition to your training library. Joe DeFranco clearly explains how his version of the conjugate method is applied as well as giving you plenty of good ideas that you can use yourself. if we had one criticism it would be its price. At $54.95 (from Joes site) this is a lot of money for a stand alone DVD.

For more information about Joe DeFranco's training systems (as well as a number of great interesting jumping articles) you can check out his site at

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