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Trap Bar Deadlift Off Box

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Trap bar deadlifts are excellent for building strength and explosiveness, however unlike virtually all other forms of deadlift the emphasis is much more balanced between the muscle groups of both the posterior and anterior chain.

Technique Tips

The safety and technique principles of trap deadlifting are the same as the regular barbell deadlift except your hands are placed at your sides and you stand inside the bar. The ability to lift with the weight more closely to your midline places much less stress on your lower back.

Other advantages of trap bar deadlifting is that it is easier to maintain good form which means for many athletes it will be a safer choice. Also, like all deadlifts performed off a box, the deeper starting position places extra emphasis on the glutes so there is a good chance you will wake up very sore the first time you do this exercise.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to Trap Bar deadlifts off a box are

Trap Bar Deadlift

Sumo Grip Deadlift Off a Box

Barbell Deadlift Off a Box

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