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X-Vest Review

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When looking at the results we have achieved with all the different vertical jump training aids we have tried, the X-Vest has been clearly one of our much better purchases. Everyone who we have used it with has shown rapid improvements in their jumping ability. Read on for our complete user review of this excellent product.

The X-Vest : What Is It?

The X-vest is a heavy duty weighted vest. It is fully adjustable with many small pockets where you can add the weights to create a distribution that you like. We own 2 versions of the X-Vest. The lighter one (shown below - which is an older model) holds up to 20 pounds of insertible weight plates and the heavier one holds up to 40 pounds (shown being worn in our weight vest videos). You can purchase other versions that have the capacity to add even more but these would probably not be suitable for jump training.

X-Vest weight vest

Figure 1: Our older model 20lb X-Vest. Still going strong despite plenty of wear.

It can be worn to add resistance for virtually all jumping related exercises. The X-Vest is used by many professional sporting teams and is generally regarded as the industry leader.

Our Training Experiences

When we bought our first X-vest one of the things we noticed and liked was that there are plenty of pockets for the weights. This makes it easier to evenly spread the weight across your torso. This is important as it prevents the vest from becoming lop sided or unbalanced during your training.

The vests themselves are a pretty snug fit and are comfortable to wear. They have a number of adjustable straps that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the fit. We have however noticed that if you train with only a singlet on underneath, jumping up and down causes the vest to rub uncomfortably on your armpits. This is very easily overcome by wearing a t-shirt.

The X-Vest can also get quite hot after a while. After your workout your t-shirt will be totally drenched in sweat. If you have a problem with getting hot and sweaty though, then you probably have a problem with doing exercise in the first place. If you are wearing it during your training, you need to make sure you keep hydrated which lets face it, you should be doing anyway!

In terms of the quality of the product, it is excellent. Jumping around with weights can be pretty tough on most fabrics, but it is very well made from heavy duty materials. We have had our lighter one for several years now and have given it plenty work and it has shown no signs of wear and tear. The heavier one for slightly less time but it too is showing no signs of wear and tear.

According to the promotional material on the X-Vest web site they are even water proof so they may be used to compliment your pool based plyometric training. We haven't tried this personally yet, but will update this review when and if we do.

Does the X-Vest Work?

Aside from comfort and quality, the big question that applies not only to weight vests, but any training aid is does it work? The answer. Absolutely! As stated in our weight vest training article, weighted vests are used by many professional teams across a variety of different sports to improvetheir athletes. These teams would not be using something unless it worked. Our own jump training experiences using the X-Vests have also produced excellent results.

X-Vest weight vest

Figure 2: A newer model 40lb X-Vest


If the idea of improving your vertical jump with the help of a weighted vest appeals to you we can happily recommend the X-Vest. You won't be disappointed with the quality of the product, nor the quality of your results.

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