2 Great box jumps you need to try

I love box jumps. I really do. They are a versatile and when performed correctly, quite safe way to get plenty of jumping volume into your workouts. The standard box jump is used in gyms the world over because it is a great way to develop lower leg power.

 However, there is more you can do with box jump than your typical standing box jumps, so in this article I am going to take a look at some different variations that you might like to try.

1. seated bosu ball box jumps

The Bosu ball gets a bit of a bad wrap at times in strength and conditioning circles. This is mostly due to it being used for all sorts of weirdo exercises like these?

Dumb bosu ball exerciseKind of Impressive but mostly dumb. Nice Bruce Lee Outfit though!

Or this....(sigh)....

dumb bosu ball exercise 2I pay my trainer $70 an hour for this exercise. Totally worth it!!!

However, the Bosu ball does have its uses and one of them is for performing seated box jumps. The reasons I like using the Bosu Ball for this are twofold. 

Firstly, due to the height of the Bosu Ball, when you are sitting on it you are essentially in a deep squat. This is great for improving joint mobility, but it also means your jumps are occurring over a large range of motion and from a position of disadvantaged leverages.

The second benefit is that because of the softness of the Bosu ball, when you try and explode up into the jump, the ball will absorb some of your downward force. This makes you work harder to overcome your own inertia and is amazing for improving rate of force development.

This exercise is a terrific way to warm up for a lower body strength day as it is low impact but still explosive so it will help fire up your CNS.

It is also a great addition to a jumping workout where you are doing some high impact style jumps and you need to get some more jumping volume in. Again the low impact nature of the exercise is a nice way to offset the higher intensity plyometrics.

I would typically perform 4-5 sets of 5 reps with about 90 seconds rest between sets for this drill.

bosu box jump progression

If you want to make the exercise more challenging you can add some progressions in by either wearing a weight vest, or by holding a medicine ball in your hands. The medicine ball version is much harder though because it takes away your capacity to use your arms to help swing up into the jump. The upside to this is that holding a medicine ball overhead while you jump helps improve core strength and should stability.

2. woodrup box jumps

Woodrup box jumps actually have a different name but it is quite long, so for reasons of both convenience and because I have never actually seen anybody else use box jumps like this besides myself, I have called this exercise Woodrup box jumps.

This version of the box jump is in my experience one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE VERTICAL JUMP EXERCISES EVER! I know that is a very bold claim but I have seen this one exercise put 12 inches onto athletes vertical jumps in as little as 8 weeks. In all my years of coaching and training I have never seen another exercise produce that kind of result - particularly for running jumps like dunk take offs.

The only exercise I would say is better actually going and practicing dunk take offs, but even then I have not seen that be as effective because you can only do so much of that before your joints start to get sore, Woodrup box jumps can be performed far more frequently and with a much higher volume than regular dunk practice, but you don't lose anything with the intensity.

So how do you perform them? Ah, now that I won't reveal here because this exercise is an exclusive to my Game Changers readers. If you want to know how to do that one (and believe me, if you want to increase your vertical jump the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE you definitely want to find out how to do this exercise!), then you will need to grab a copy of the book.

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