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BW Lunge Variations

This video contains the lunge, reverse lunge, and lateral lunge exercises

Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

BW lunges are a handy exercise that can be performed anywhere and with no equipment. For vertical jump performance they help build strength in all the key jumping muscles (quads, glutes, and hamstrings).

Technique Tips

The video shows 3 variations of the BW lunge: The regular lunge, the reverse lunge, and the lateral lunge. In all 3 versions it is important to try and maintain an upright torso and really power back up from out of the lunge itself.

Lunges are not difficult to perform. You simply step into a certain direction and bend the front knee down to increase the range of the movement. From the lunge you then simply power back up into the start position.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to BW lunges are

Pistol Squat

BW Step Up

Plyo Lunges

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