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Bodyweight Step Pps

Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Bodyweight step ups are a handy exercise that can be perfomred anywhere and with no equipment. For vertical jump performance they help build strength in all the key jumping muscles (quads, glutes, and hamstrings).

Technique Tips

There are a number of technique pointers you can use to help perform this exercise better. Keep your back straight and stand tall. Ensure you are looking forward and that your feet are also facing forward. The higher the bench the more you will recruit your glutes and hamstrings. Before you start your upward motion it is also a good move to lift the heel of the back foot off the ground. This prevents you from cheating and pushing off from the back foot.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to BW step ups are

Bodyweight Lunges

Pistol Squat

Split Squats

Low Box Lunge into Step Up

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