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Box Squat With Bands

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Box squats are an excellent exercise for developing both maximum strength and RFD. They are also very beneficial for athletes due to the extra emphasis placed on the posterior chain. The brief pause on top of the box means your body has to develop force quickly enough to overcome your inertia. This has many direct benefits for jumping as the quicker you can develop force coming out of the bottom of your jump, the more force you will be able to apply and the higher you will jump.

The addition of bands provides accommodating resistance which lends itself well to fast explosive movements as the band tension increases the further you get into the lift. This extra tension removes much of the deceleration usually required withexplosive lifting.

Technique Tips

The box squat with bands is performed in exactly the same manner as you would without the bands. However unlike regular box squats, in order to overcome the increasing band tension you can exert maximal speed throughout the lift which more closely resembles the way you would accelerate into a maximum effort vertical jump.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the box squat with bands are

Box squats

Safety Bar Box Squats

Back Squats with Bands

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