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Concentric Lightened Squat

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Lightened concentric squats are an excellent way to develop rate of force development (RFD). The combination of starting the each rep from the beginning of the concentric portion and the reduction in band tension as you stand up provides dual stimulus for training this highly desireable athletic trait.

Technique Tips

Like regular concentric squats you start with the bar on the power racks pins before placing the load on your back and exploding up from underneath. The obvious difference however is the attachment of the bands to the top of the rack. This has the effect of providing assistance to you at the start of the lift when your leverages are not as strong.

As you get further into the lift the assistance provided by the bands is reduced and your muscles are required to do more of the actual lifting work. This means you can place more weight on the bar than you otherwise normally would. Training like this allows you to get both the benefits of doing a full range of motion per rep without sacrificing strength development near the top which is where you mostly do your jumping from.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the lightened concentric squat are

Concentric Squats

Safety Bar Concentric Box Squat

Trap Bar Deadlifts Off a Box

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