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Concentric Squat

Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

Concentric, or bottom up squats are initiated from both a dead stop position and also a more relaxed state. Rapidly going from this stopped and relaxed starting state into a tensed movement is tremendous for developing explosiveness and hence is great as a way to improveate of force development.

Technique Tips

When trying to build explosive strength it is best to use a light to medium weight and try to explode up as fast as you can. In order to get the most out of this exercise ensure that your muscles are fairly relaxed before each rep so that the emphasis is on developing high levels of force quickly. To help with this, removeyourself from under the bar for a second or so between reps to give yourself a chance to relax your working muscles.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the concentric squat are

Lightened Concentric Squats

Safety Bar Concentric Box Squat

Trap Bar Deadlifts Off a Box

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