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Explosive Strength

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We often discuss here at how important increasing strength is for maximizing your vertical jump, however a big vertical isn't just about how strong you are. A vertical jump is about power, not strength, and power also has a speed component. Power = Force/Time. In other words if you want a big vertical jump you need to not only be able to generate a lot of force, but you need to be able to do so quickly. That is where explosive strength comes in.

how to jump higher and increase your vertical jump

The ability to apply your strength quickly is known as Rate of Force Development (RFD), or explosive strength. A high level of explosive strength is what differentiates slow and strong athletes from fast and powerful ones.

If you want to be a powerful athlete with a big vertical jump then you obviously need to also spend some time working on your RFD. So the obvious question is how do you go about doing that? Well watch the video and you will get some good ideas about how to do this.

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