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Front Squat

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Best Use For Improving Vertical Jump

The front squat is best used for developing maximum strength. Due to the placement of the bar at your front this is a more quad dominant exercise than the back squat. Also the nature of holding the load in the front activates the core in a much different manner to back squat variations.

Technique Tips

Like all squatting the tighter you keep your midsection the better your form will be. With front squats keeping a tight midsection is vital to maintain a more upright position throughout the movement. Rest the bar on the top of the front of your shoulders.

Some other benefits of front squats are that they tend to be more lower back friendly due to a reduction in spinal compression. As you sit back put the weight on your heels and keep your knees out.

Alternative Exercises

Some good alternatives to the front squat are

Back Squats

Box Squats

Safety Bar Squats

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